Thursday, June 3, 2010

The TEC theme song! - All We Do Is Win


Watch me on Channel 5 NBC News!!!!

 Watch me tomorrow (June 3rd) on Channel 5 NBC at 4:30p (central)
I cooked with......

John Thorrington (Chicago Fire)

 Rashied Davis (Chicago Bears)

Calen Carr (Chicago Fire)

Chef Bill Kim (Urban Belly)

Chef Lovely and FORD

I linked up with JOhn and Aaron from Ford Fiesta Movement to grill live!!! Check out the promo clip and check out the sexy 3D Ford Fiesta they designed!!

Culinary Chic with Chef Lovely (Kenmore Live Studio)

Much Love to The Ford Fiesta Chicago Teams... They allowed me to pull up to the kitchen is style! Also, thank you to radio personality UB Rodriguez from 107.5 WGCI for cooking with me! Enjoy!

Culinary Chic with Chef Lovely (Kenmore Live Studio)

Culinary Chic with Chef Lovely Promo Clip

I'm Back!!!!!!

I've been stupid busy and I have not updated my blog. People keep asking me about my blog so for you the fans I will start blogging again. I'm going to put up everything that I've done and been apart of and hit yall with the freshness!!!!!!