Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Love (Video) "3"

Even tho Britney went crazy for a moment she is still a bad bitch! She puts out hits. I don't care what nobody says. Here is her latest single called "3". Also, please peep that she has all black female dancers backing her up when she is dancing on the pole in the white one piece suit. She is talking about having a threesome by the way. Be looking for the Britney feat. Lovely remix to this song real soon! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beyonce is a Bad Bitch!

This is why Beyonce wins...She did a stage dive into the audience at her London performance with heels on and a leotard while she was singing "Halo". She hit every note and looked good while doing it. Now thats how you rock out and put on a show. B is a bad bitch! Her fans love her...I love her. Partake!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Love (Video) Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is back! He has some heaters already out the kitchen. "Mieple" (Me I Play) ft. Jay-Z aka everybody's daddy and of course "Sex Therapy". Robin is a pimp and is full of confidence. I LOVE it. Also, much LOVE to my family Da Internz (Kosine & Tuo) they produced a track or 2 on his album. I will finish by saying this, Mr. Thicke can get it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Love (Video) Beyonce Ft. Lady Gaga

Okay so I had an idea for a pink gun that shot out hearts..guess I can't do that now cause Beyonce and Gaga had the colorful guns in the "video phone" music video. Lady Gaga is def making her mark in the music industry right now. Kudos to her team of people. They are helping her WIN! Beyonce I'm glad you didn't have 2 dancers behind you for the whole video. If you did I would have screamed and turned it off! Much respect to Beyonce and Lady Gaga they def are 2 talented GLAM GIRLS! Here is the video...Enjoy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Butter Love" Cookies By Chef Lovely

I have taken a classic and turned it into a "Lovely" .....Butter Love Cookies are made from scratch, with real butter, and with LOVE. My company "Lovely Eats"  offers Classic Love, Chocolate Love, White Chocolate Love for $10 per dozen. Caramel Love, Coconut Love, and Caramel Coconut Love for $15 per dozen. Get them now for the holidays. They are simply delicious :)

Go to for more details and to place your order. (Click on News)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Love (Video) Chris Brown

Here is Chris Brown's next single "Crawl" He has Cassie as his leading lady. Chris sang his azz off on this record! His vocal abilities are getting stronger and he is displaying them in this song. Okay Chris this is your "I'm sorry song" so now let's get down to business! Enjoy World!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is how I'm feeling right now

Dear Chris...

I am one of your biggest fans. I still have an autographed poster that you signed for me while you were interviewing with my brother Buda in Hartford, CT on Power 104.1 This is all I'm saying....

Rihanna is going hard on you. Her album is called "Rated R" her singles are called "Hard", "Russian Roulette", etc... She is playing the game right. Your album is called "Graffiti" and it has cartoon animals on it. really? I know your body of work is gonna be dope cause your dope but come on G.

I want too know who at Jive looked at the album cover, it's title, and said "this is a go" They need to be fired. If I was running things I would have done a "Justin Timberlake" situation. He called his album "Justified" and the second single was called "Cry Me A River" that's how you play the game.

Do your one "I'm sorry song" then blast that chick and let her and the world know it happened, its done, and I'm still running this music game! You are an incredible talent Breezy and what has happened is DONE. Don't be afraid to go in. There are no more "rules" in the industry. Play the game how ever you like. Just be smart about it.

Your branding the term "Steezin·on·these·He·thens" - (verb) {the act of being fresh} So act like it!

I got your back and I look forward to working with you. Your gonna be in Chicago on Thanksgiving so you are welcome to come to my crib for a real Thanksgiving dinner.


New Love (Video) Gucci Mane ft. Usher

This song is 100% POP..there is no R&B there is no Hip Hop there is no RAP....POP is where the money is but damn yall!!! Here is the video "Spotlight"

New Love (Video) Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys

Empire State of Mind" Love the song, Love J, Love Alicia...Enjoy!

Culinary Chic: Amazing Cakes By Chef Colette Peters

These cakes were made by Chef Colette Peters. She has been in the business of cakes since 1989. She was born and raised in my hometown, Chicago! Chef you are amazing!

Just Watch

Ok I have nothing to say....just watch and you will see why...yuuuuup!

S.A.M. (sexy azz man)

Usher is this week's S.A.M. The older he gets the better he gets. He is like a bottle of wine! I can't say too much more about this man. He is talented, motivated, and knows how to put on a great show! Usher I look forward to meeting and working with you soon! Here are some behind the scenes footage of  Usher shooting his campaign for his fragrance called VIP (love it)

New Love (Video) Omarion Ft. Gucci "I Get It In"

Here is Omarion's video for his first single off of "Ollusion" I Get It In ft. Gucci
Be looking for the Omarion, Lovely, Gucci TEC REMIX soon!

New Love (Video) Letoya Lucket Ft. Ludacris

I really like this song yall. She sounds good and Ludacris puts it down as always.
Be Looking for the Letoya, Lovely, & Ludacris TEC RMX soon! Here is the video....Enjoy!

Letoya-Regret Ft. Ludacris


MySpace Video

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Love (Album Cover) Omarion

Omarion's new album is entitled "ollusion" and here is the album cover. I got to be honest. He looks cute with the fade but I loved his long hair! Can't wait to hear the next single and see what he does with this album. Be looking for the Omarion ft. Lovely "I Get It In" TEC REMIX soon! By the way Omarion, If you ever need a home cooked meal or a private chef for personal or tour holla at me...Im a Professional Celebrity Chef

Trey & Toni Kissing!!!!

Trey Songz is clearly killing the game right now...He has new songs with heavy hitters like Mary J. Blidge, Mariah Carey, and Toni Braxton. He and Toni performed they joint called "yesterday" at the Soul Train Music Awards and this is what happened...

Im clearly a hater right now lol...Toni is still a diva I can't front. But this looks like another Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry situation..just saying!

New Love (Video) Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

This Bitch is cold....period!

New Love (Video) Rihanna "Russian Roulette"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Culinary Chic: A Hip Hop Experience

I will be having my second LIVE Hip Hop Cooking Show this Wednesday, November 11th at 5pm CST

This time I will be cooking with the young and talented Chi-Town's Finest Breakers. These kids are AMAZING! We will cook, dance, listen to my album and hear my first single "Purses Pumps Diamonds Denim" Produced by Chicago's own Tony Baines. The ustream link is below

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rihanna Interview : My Thoughts

So everyone is talkng about this Rihanna interview...I was going to post it but I thought too myself. There are some things I just can't get down with. Rihanna was hit and was it wrong..yes. But she never admitted to what she did to initiate the situation that night. She is not innocent. I'm sure she made mistakes in their relationship as well. I also find it hard to believe that he hit her 8 or 9 times before. So is she saying that no one noticed this? Also I don't like the fact that she did this interview 2 weeks before her album dropped. Did she need time to heal physically and emotionally...yes but "how convenient"

No one will ever really know what happened that night. But Rihanna if you say you don't want other girls to be in this situation and you want them to learn from you and be safe. At the end of your interview don't say that there is a possibility you will go back to him. You said it was done and you would never go back and you want to set a good example. So don't contradict yourself.

In closing, Rihanna you will sell more albums but Chris is still a better talent than you. If I was his management I would have done a "Justin Timberlake" on yo ass and titled his album "Here To Stay" and his first single would have been called "Never Again"and I would have got a Rihanna look alike for the video.